Boeing has posed an interesting question for us to ponder in its reported reaction to Air New Zealand’s disgust at the continued delays to the delivery of the 787-9 variant of the Dreamliner, which is supposed to occur at the end of 2013.

It is reported in Air Transport World as saying:

Boeing denied widespread published reports, based in part on comments by the CFO of a key airline customer, that the 787-9’s late 2013 EIS has slipped. A Boeing spokesperson told ATW Tuesday that the manufacturer has “reaffirmed its guidance that 787-9 first delivery is scheduled for late 2013.”

So, who do we believe? Boeing, or Air NZ, the launch customer for the 787-9?

Telling the customer that it doesn’t know what it is talking about is one thing, but coming from a manufacturer that hasn’t kept its word for the duration of the project, and has deskilled its work force to the extent that some of the fasteners in the plastic fantastic had to be replaced three times, tends to give the customer much more credibility in this situation.

Boeing is due to update investors and analysts tomorrow morning Australian time.

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