Contrary to the commentary Andrew David offered when he took over as Tiger CEO, the low cost carrier shows signs of getting trickier in its latest two for one sale, on between now and Sunday for travel later this year and early next year.

The details can be found on the Tiger web site, or in the advertisement we invite them to buy on Plane Talking to explain themselves, but we challenge the complexity of the offer.

To access ‘Go 2 for 1′ promotional fares both passengers must be subscribed to the Tiger Airways Australia e-deals newsletter and at least one of the passengers must be a new subscriber during the ‘Go 2 for 1′ promotional period.
–        Both you and your mate need to be travelling together; your bookings will be linked and can’t be independently changed.
–        If your mate doesn’t show for the flight, that’s ok you can still go.
–        This offer is open to just two people per booking but you can make as many bookings as you want.

There are a number of things that stand out in this deal, not all of them consumer friendly.

One is the need for both intending passengers to be enrolled on a data marketing list, but one of them must be a new enrollment between today and Sunday.

The other is the risk that by March, or whenever you book for, your plans may change, and you may lose all or much of your money depending on how you can meet the other fare conditions.

And these are, as Tiger explains, fares for which any checked luggage costs a lot more when compared to the sale prices quoted.

These issues aside, there are positives that benefit everyone from Tiger being in the Australian domestic market. It drives down fares by improving competition, and on the major route, Sydney-Melbourne, it has good frequency with flights at times that make it convenient as well as cheap.

But flying has to be more than cheap, especially when the full service bargains from Qantas and Virgin Australia are generally easier to use, more frequently offered, and less tricky in terms of conditions.

Tiger needs to be cheap and easy to use, and the bargains need to be for tomorrow as much as they are for ‘next year.’ Let’s hope Tiger is still a work in progress when it comes to being cheap and easy to use.

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