Nov 17, 2012

Emirates will fly Perth A380s from mid 2013

For a working example of how Emirates will gut Qantas take a close look at its upgrade to A380s from Perth next year

Ben Sandilands — Editor of Plane Talking

Ben Sandilands

Editor of Plane Talking

The current most used PR image of an Emirates A380

An incautious tweet from an Emirates executive has opened a fresh insight into how the Emirates-Qantas partnership (approvals pending) will perform part of the assisted suicide of the Australian flag carrier when the UAE airline starts converting its Perth-Dubai services from 777-300ERs to A380s from mid 2013.

Before the Qantas-Emirates Emiroo deal was accepted by Qantas in August Emirates had announced it would go to three times daily 777s on that route from the start of March next year.

But under the proposed partnership Qantas will no longer fly to London from Perth via a connection at Singapore  when it shrinks its kangaroo route presence to daily A380s from both Sydney and Melbourne via Dubai from 1 April, gifting its rest-of-Australia lift on those routes to the Gulf carrier it was describing until late May in its lobbying efforts in Canberra as a monstrous government subsidised Arab carrier.

Qantas is already feeble when it comes to Perth international services, with no non-stops, or even useful one-stops, from the Australian resources industry capital to the PRC, or India, or Japan in its own right all the way.

But Qantas would now have us believe that those of its Perth customers who haven’t already given up and chosen to fly Singapore Airlines, or Emirates, to some of the most important destinations for WA business will from 1 April dutifully swop over to the UAE carrier.

The reason that Emirates can start using A380s on the Perth run from the middle of next year (when an A380 capable gate becomes available at the airport) is that it can top them up with the remnants of the market that Qantas has abandoned.

It is the same process that will see all current or announced Emirates flights from Australia to SE Asia, New Zealand, and Dubai, become A380 services within the next 10 years, by which time an even larger version of the biggest airliner in service is likely to be entering its fleet.

What is happening at Perth is a very good example of what happens when a well run carrier with geographical and financial advantages does a deal, on its own terms, with a poorly run airline full of excuses for not even trying to be the national flag carrier the Qantas Sale Act of 1992 expected it to be.

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4 thoughts on “Emirates will fly Perth A380s from mid 2013

  1. Ian Rollerson

    ‘Perth customers who haven’t already given up and chosen to fly Singapore Airlines, or Emirates’

    or Malaysian Ben, did Perth – Heathrow with them last month, saving about $600.00 and a pretty new A380 from KL. No complaints at all. Been doing this October trip for 15 years. 14 of them with Qantas, but the times they are a changing!

  2. Geoff

    Ben – I heard similar speculation from Emirates crew about Brisbane. Not as concrete as an incautious tweet, I admit, but if an A380 will work out of Perth it will certainly work out of Brisbane when the daily QF 747 link to WSSS stops. BAC built an A380 gate when Emirates first came here, complete with it’s own lounge.

  3. ltfisher

    I guess that Ian’s change is a classic example of a passenger for whom the convenience of flying thru with the one airline, and a few dollars saving, beats having to change carrier in mid journey, regardless of previous loyalty. Why should passengers react any different to ‘all change’ at Dubai?

  4. Nicholas Hopkins

    We’re getting spoiled for choice here in PER. The a380 will be most welcome. C class with the bar at the back is most civilised, the C class lounge at DXB can be a bit of a scrum, but a380 all the way to London will be great. Of course tempted by Qatar when they put the dreamliner into london from Abu Dhabi, 777 from here.

    Qantas don’t even figure in my thinking any more.

    As an ex Darwinite who regularly travelled through SIN to London, they took away our a330, replaced with a banged out Australian airlines 767, then the ultimate insult replaced it with Jetstar to SIN.- Pick up your bags & check in again in SIN etc etc.

    Never forgiven them for that. I used to travel QF a lot all the way to London. Sadly I probably never will again.

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