Updated with Jetstar response

Jetstar Japan is reported to have been required by the country’s aviation authority to suspend new flights due to begin this Thursday because of safety issues.

The brief story which broke in Japan this morning is published below:

TOKYO —Budget airline Jetstar Japan has been reprimanded by Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for safety failings.

The reprimand was issued after it was revealed that Jetstar had employed mechanics who did not have the requisite experience and was relying on just two men to complete pre-flight safety checks, TBS reported.

As a result of the reprimand, the ministry says that the airline—which started domestic service in July—will suspend plans to begin flying new routes from Kansai International Airport from Nov 22. The ministry also said that Jetstar’s plans to increase flights between Kansai and Okinawa may be affected.

Jetstar has responded to the report with a statement describing the problem as being one arising from its failure to adhere to its own internal standards, which it says are higher than those set by regulation in Japan.

This statement is published below in full.

Jetstar Japan has received notification from the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB) in relation to a small number of issues within the airline’s internal engineering procedures.

None of these issues were in relation to safety but were focused on ensuring compliance with Jetstar Japan’s internal standards, which are set higher than the industry standard in Japan.

A small number of aircraft maintenance tasks were certified by two Jetstar Japan engineers that are approved to certify in accordance with Japanese regulatory standards, however Jetstar Japan’s internal standards require a longer period of previous experience to certify work.  All work certified by the engineers has been reviewed and no issues were found.  Jetstar Japan will work closely with the JCAB to address their concerns and ensure these incidents do not re-occur in the future.

Jetstar Japan will delay the commencement of one Osaka-Tokyo return service. Customers due to fly on these services will be offered alternative Jetstar flights or a full refund for their fare.  Accommodation will also be provided for passengers that require it.


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