There are some very good things happening in Eve Cogan’s campaign to have the late David Warren, the inventor of the ‘black box’ flight recorder, recognised as a great Australian.

One is that Warren merits this.

Every aircraft of size that is registered to fly passengers on this planet carries devices  that began with his genius, vision and determination.

He started the single most important safety innovation in the history of flight, and everyone that flies in an airliner is the safer for what he did.

But the other very good thing about this campaign is that Eve Cogan is 10, and a young Australian who cares about recognising and valuing one of this country’s unsung heroes.

David Warren telling his story to the ABC in 1985

Eve Cogan has launched a petition to have the nearly completed new terminal at Canberra Airport, or the Airport itself, named after David Warren.

This is what she says about her petition on her website, which includes her own high quality video on the life of David Warren which is rich in archival footage and interviews that she had the initiative to conduct to explain and support the campaign.

The pivotal moment for me was when I discovered that David Warren wasn’t recognized for 41 years and it is still not fixed. I realized this was terrible and I wanted to change it, so I created a petition so that I could try to get this changed.

After you watch my video, please consider if Australians should all know the name and story of this great man and sign my petition please. It has been exciting to watch the votes every day and read the comments from people all over the world. First getting to 10, then 40 and currently I have 85, but I am hoping to get a lot more.

My dad and his friends have no problem telling me the ins and outs of peoples careers such as Don Bradman, Dawn Fraser and Pat Rafter. I will consider this petition a success when ordinary Australians like my dad don’t ‘think’ that the inventor of the black box flight recorder is Australian, they ‘know’ he is and they can confidently say his name and tell kids his wonderful story.

This is a country that should value those who have changed the world for the better, and as far into the future as we can see, this is what David Warren, who died in 2010, has done.

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