Dec 21, 2012

Singapore Airlines revamps oldest 777s, wedgies Emirates

Singapore Airlines reconfiguration of older 777s clearly aimed at Emirates and its dreaded wedgie-slopers in business class.

Ben Sandilands — Editor of Plane Talking

Ben Sandilands

Editor of Plane Talking

As usual, there is more than first meets the eye in Singapore Airlines this afternoon announcing a revamp of  10 of the oldest type of Boeing 777 in its fleet, the -200ER model.

The headline development is the placing of current generation one-two-one arrangement of wide cushion sleeper seats in the business class cabins of these jets like those in its A380s and 777-300ERs  to bring ‘consistency’  across its fleet.

But in reality, Singapore Airlines is disrupting that consistency for all the right reasons from late next year when it introduces an all new business class product starting with newly deliver 777-300ERs.

What the airline appears to be doing is giving customers a very clear advantage over the geometry of Emirates 777s of all variants, on routes between Australia and Singapore as well to other Asia destinations where it might compete with the UAE carrier.

Emirates has a two by three by two business class that is spatially less generous than the Singapore Airlines product, and suffers from having a middle seat in each row, which is not what premium flyers in this hemisphere expect from leading airlines.

These Emirates sleepers slope, unlike those on its A380s, meaning passengers can slide down them while trying to sleep, while their underwear may not.

The seat plans for the reconfigured 777s also show them retaining a civilised nine across configuration in economy, compared to the cramped 10 across arrangement used by Emirates and an increasingly large number of 777 operators around the world.

Singapore Airlines clearly intends to maintain an amenity differentiation in economy and business class over most of its competitors when it comes to 777s, and in particular, those flown by Emirates.

It confirmed this afternoon that the wide seat sleeper seats being installed in the 777-200ERs from next month will be able to be deployed as fully flat parallel to the floor sleepers. Or to put it a different way, Singapore Airlines has wedgied Emirates.

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2 thoughts on “Singapore Airlines revamps oldest 777s, wedgies Emirates

  1. ltfisher

    Great turn of phrase in the last sentence Ben!

  2. moa999

    Also sets the bar fairly high for whatever Qantas decides to replace the SkyBed I’s in its International A330s

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