Dec 21, 2012

The shape of things to come at Canberra

Mystery art emerges inside soon to open Canberra airport terminal

Ben Sandilands — Editor of Plane Talking

Ben Sandilands

Editor of Plane Talking

Work inside the nearly completed and joined Canberra airport terminal, with the tip of 'grey lady' visible

There is a stunning glimpse of a grey lady, or maybe it is something else, in some low resolution photos of work inside the rapidly finishing second half to the new Canberra airport terminal in Plane Talking’s mail overnight.

While not having any qualifications to judge on these things, it looks like a very impressive work of art to this occasional user of the airport.

The terminal is expected to be opened in full in March, after which the last traces of the old terminal will be demolished.  No doubt the new Virgin Australia Lounge will be unveiled soon, with personally delivered hand written invitations to the hush hush and ultra plush Club also going out some of those who belong to the Qantas Chairman’s Lounge.

As reported earlier this week, Canberra Airport or its terminal would be a fine place in which to  commemorate David Warren, the Australian inventor of the black box whose vision and persistence was so poorly treated in defence and civil aviation circles in this city before it became the most important contribution to safety ever made in air transport.

I cannot think of a more fitting place in which to set right a wrong in Australian history.  Please sign Eve Cogan’s petition here.

The full size of the mystery art work revealed
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5 thoughts on “The shape of things to come at Canberra

  1. ltfisher

    Sorry Ben but as a frequent user of the airport the latest work looks to me more like ‘decoration’ for the temple the owners are building in keeping with their cargo cult approach to the place/role of the airport.

  2. Whats ItDoingNow

    Itfisher, I think you should be thankful you have an airport operator that is improving things and going that extra mile to make it a pleasant environment. Take a trip to Perth to re-visit the 1950’s terminal and the resulting chaos that PAPL have created to see what I mean. Enjoy your shiny new terminal.

  3. Glen McDonald

    Good morning Ben. I think it’s a very noble idea to support the “David Warren Terminal” Petition, but Stephen Byron may have an alternative, catchier name, like “Canberra Domestic Airport”.
    On which, are you able to provide any insight into Canberra airport’s strategy – and proposed time schedule – for international flights?
    Qantas, Virgin and Brindabella (to Newcastle) are the only airlines to use Canberra at the moment. No Jester, No “Thylacine” (Aussie tiger), no Rex and certainly nobody from beyond our shores. The (CBR) Airport has been telling us “International flights in 18 months” since December 1998. If you go back to your own archives, you have a story from 2010 about “CBR set to go international within two years” or similar wording.
    I think the airport needs to get Rex to make a few connections through Canberra in the first place to build potential passenger numbers and increase bus ‘train’ (WHAT is a train?) connections to local regional centres.
    Then Emirates (not that inferior Qantas thing) may commence a 777 service to Dubai and onward connections, Singapore may choose to commence a 777 to Singapore and Asia and Air New Zealand to commence flights to AKL and on to the Pacific and North America. we in Canberra can only hope it happens sooner rather than ‘eventually’.
    Qantas has too much invested in Sydney to even look at international flights from Canberra and I’m not sure there’s any greater interest from Virgin (or anyone else if Qantas doesn’t see market potential). But I think someone WILL be brave enough to be first to try it sometime soon and I think it will work.
    Perhaps, also, if the airport were much more vocal about the roll-out of extra services (and made mention of their intentions for an eventual second runway) punters may find Tralee a lot less attractive place to live.
    Thank you for commentary (Plane Talking) it’s always informative, and good luck with the petition. – Glen

  4. Ben Sandilands


    That’s a very thoughtful reply and as I have a dossier on how and why Canberra airport could be developed and a half written article about this I will finish it and tidy it up and do a new post on this topic. I don’t think reporters are ever entitled to be be experts on such matters, but some of us are fortunate enough to have access to some very smart, experienced and interesting people who are involved in the issues and I’ll try and pull it all together.

  5. patrick kilby

    Note Air Pacific had a three day per week schedule there for a while in the early 2000s. Flights to NZ are very likely very soon. I note on the Emirates website they prefer to shuttle Canberra passengers via Adelaide

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