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Dec 22, 2012

Did Sydney Harbour helis get choppered by lack of money, or brainpower?

Sydney Harbour helicopters backdown annnounced in nonsense PR statement that leaves too many questions unanswered?


This absurd PR graphic now seems as flawed as the plan, and NSW government decision making procedures

While it is no surprise that that the Sydney Harbour heliport plan has been shelved, the company’s PR statement is useless when it comes to explanations.

It says in part:

“Effective immediately, Newcastle Helicopters has put the project of the Sydney Harbour Floating Heliport on hold until further notice, in order to consider the feasibility of the operation going forward.

“It is Newcastle Helicopter’s intention to address the relevant concerns and queries with thoroughly considered and accurate information, and is taking the appropriate steps to do so”.


Whoa. Which was it? The money questions, or the concerns that the statement by implication says it failed to address? Or was it all of the above? What sort of a government falls for this nonsense?

The government says it was all above board and properly approved, which was complete rubbish, and the company was gushing on about how it was all above board and ready to rock and roll early in December.

How about a little bit of candid truth about who did what, where the business plan is, why the safety checks weren’t made, and what is going on in with this government in its total disregard for due process and community consultation?

Now after all of that lightning fast green lighting by the state government, Newcastle Helicopters says it needs to consider the operation’s  ‘feasibility’. Whatever happened to contemplating ‘feasibility’ at the start of a project?


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