A report implying massive fraud by European airlines to rob consumers through fictitious claims about the costs of their obligations to the EU’s emission trading scheme needs to be read and understood by all parties to the carbon tax and trading debate in Australia.

Fraud is fraud no matter what position as to the reduction of carbon emissions is taken.

It is also a reminder of a scenario concerning reduced fossil sourced carbon emission by industrial and all transport processes, whether land, sea or air based.

And that is that while the US has avoided comprehensive regulatory intervention along the lines of a carbon tax or an ETS, it is in a race with China to devise and control the replacement energy technologies, which Australia will ultimately have to buy and use at whatever price the owners of the new technology decide to charge.

This combination of state and private capital funded energy innovation, whether in interim bio fuel blends, or a full suite of efficiency measures plus algal grown and refined fossil sourced fuel replacements is not being driven by regulation whether current or planned but potential rewards.

Maybe the alternative way ahead in this country is to make Australia an incredibly generous place to invest in research into and production of fossil carbon bypass technology.

The only thing that will make fuel users choose non fossil carbon releasing products over those to which they are addicted could be to make them cheaper by virtue of innovation rather than state direction.

While the pure intentions of Brussels toward driving the switch to alternative technology are accepted, a system that involves massive dishonesty and fraud is surely not the way forward.

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