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Feb 19, 2013

Boeing launches 787 Dreamliner resource site

Ben Sandilands — Editor of Plane Talking

Ben Sandilands

Editor of Plane Talking

Boeing has just posted a new 787 issues resource site which will greatly improve the discussion over the problems that the NTSB and FAA are pursuing in the post grounding stage.

Bookmark this.  While there will continue to be scrutiny, argument, and no doubt at times discouragements as well as encouragements, having a comprehensive site on which to access everything the maker of the jet can offer is a terrific and useful initiative.

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5 thoughts on “Boeing launches 787 Dreamliner resource site

  1. TT

    I am on Boeing’s B787 “New airplane” mailing list (for which I am on since Boeing created more than a few years ago), and an hour ago I got an email from there point to this website.

    Without giving Boeing too much credit, I would say at least Boeing are now more pro-active in social media or general public regarding B787 battery issues. I hope this is the first of many steps for Boeing to act upon to repair their reputation.

  2. COTOS

    Thats more like the Boeing co that I remember

  3. keesje

    Its a nice site and an interesting PR tactic.

    Now lets see if the contents breaks with the program communication we saw during the last 5 years.

    Half truths, unfounded optimism, advanced perception management.

    That communication seriously hurt Boeings credibility.

  4. Uwe

    Looks and reads more like a spin site.
    Not so much in your face spin as previous
    information floated but nonetheless…

    the battery diagrams fit about what was
    known before.

  5. michael r james

    Ben, there was a good gag on Letterman tonight. It was the Top Ten segment of things the Russian driver who captured that fantastic dash-cam footage of the meteor said as he watched it fill the sky. Actually there were quite a few that were funny (not always the case) but the relevant one:

    “Oh Oh, Dreamliner”

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