Boeing 787 battery location graphic


There is an interesting change of language in the Boeing camp over the 787 Dreamliner groundings according to a report just posted by The Seattle Times.

It’s a permanent fix for the battery problem, not an interim fix as previously signalled.

And, Boeing is already making 100 of 200 ordered battery containment boxes to allow the lithium ion batteries to safely burn up under the cockpit or rear passenger cabin in the event of any more failures like those caused the grounding of the world’s 50 strong 787 Dreamliner fleet in January.

However unreassuring this might sound to the casual fire sensitive traveller no one reading this news could fail to be impressed by the hairy chested approach Boeing is taking to determining the cause of the problem,  and devising a permanent solution to it, even before the NTSB has reported on its investigations, and the FAA has completing reviewing itself over the original certification of the batteries as safe on the assurances given by Boeing that such battery fires or failures as occurred to two 787s in January were ‘impossible.’

To assist Boeing in this speedy recovery maybe the media should stop referring to the battery burning bins as ‘iron domes’. For all we know, they may be titanium, or flame proof composites in construction, and the Israeli missile defense system appears to have first dibs on Iron Dome anyhow.

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