A temporal reaper looking for Mr Conner? Image courtesy Tardis Core.

Boeing’s CEO commercial airplanes Ray Conner certainly has some explaining to do.

In the midst of the evangelical crusade to have the super box solution to the Dreamliner grounding accepted he was widely reported on the quantum of engineering work done as follows :

Mr. Conner didn’t provide specifics regarding the planned modifications. He said Boeing has compiled 200,000 hours of analysis and testing on what might have gone wrong and how to prevent it from happening again.

The 787s were grounded on 16 January. Assuming his figure of 200,000 hours of engineering work on the issues went from that day to 5 March, that is 48 days of instantly dedicated and focused and task managed effort by Boeing engineers for an average of 4167 hours a day.

Assuming they all worked without any days off that is at least 416 engineers with the particular skills relevant to the electrical and battery design of the 787 Dreamliners  working 10 hours not including lunch breaks and so forth.

And that figure would have to be way too low, since it is apparent that the super box solution had been arrived at on 22 February according to US reports. Were these the same engineers who convinced the FAA that the lithium-ion battery failures in the 787s in January were impossible? One hopes not. But whether they are or not, we must be looking at 500 maybe even 600 engineers working 10 hours a day, having snapped into full action on day one, of course.

Furthermore there is a paradox in Mr Conner’s statement, in the bit that says “on what might have gone wrong and how to prevent it from happening again.”  If Boeing doesn’t know what went wrong it cannot logically prevent it happening again.

And as all Dr Who fans know, paradox comes with peril in the form of the temporal reapers who resolve such disruptions to the fabric of time as conflicting sequences of events by abruptly materialising and eating the perpetrators.

One of the reapers is shown at the top of the page, courtesy of the encyclopedic Dr Who site, Tardis Core.

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