The last Qantas 744 from Frankfurt has almost gone

A passenger who was on the last Qantas jet out of Europe this week has shared two photos and his notes on the scene at Frankfurt airport before the 747-400 took him to Singapore.

The display boards above my head explain a bit. Frankfurt staff had T-shirts made up. In the departure lounge, at least two big cakes were decorated with Qantas B747s, and juice, Coke, beer were also available. Some short speeches by Frankfurt staff and a manager from Qantas Coward Street. “Never say never”, he said, referring to when/if Qantas might return. Many passengers weren’t aware of the situation.

Travel retailers have insisted that the Qantas flights to Frankfurt had been attracting good loads and good fares, supporting the argument that its demise was more a matter of an ideological mindset in Qantas management against the legacy nature of the carrier while building up Jetstar than real losses that could be blamed on the full service long haul operation.

Qantas in turn has rejected this and insisted that by giving its German business to Emirates it will become stronger and viable and return to Europe over Dubai with the 787-9s it no longer has on order but for which it holds options.

Our reader said he played the Qantas anthem “I still call Australia home” on his laptop when as he presented himself to check in and was well received by the counter staff who wore the T-shirts seen below and put on the screen Frankfurt team says Thank You all, and bye bye.

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