It is grossly unfair for the first law officer in Australia, the Federal Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus, to be allowed to apologise his way out of an alleged refusal to turn off his mobile smart phone on a Qantas flight.

Ordinary people would have to defend their actions in court.

Ordinary people whether innocent or guilty, are not allowed to apologise for alleged offences against aviation law any more than they can apologise their way out of prosecution after being pulled over for speeding through school zones or other alleged offences.

And the law of the Commonwealth doesn’t actually differentiate between ordinary people and cabinet Ministers.

It is based on the principle that we are all equal before the law.

Mr Dreyfus has to uphold the law, even if it could be argued to be bad, silly or inappropriate law. Not apologise his way out of his fundamental obligations, which is an option not available to the people of lesser importance than the first law officer.

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