Club Jetstar: Pay us to be really cheap!

In what traditional media might find an alarming development, Jetstar has embraced the switch from paid ads that go out to everyone whether a traveller or not, to a paid subscription to get speedy access to special offers of low fares.

Welcome indeed to Club Jetstar. It’s the same strategy Tiger Australia introduced to earn money from pumping out fare offers by charging people to receive its advertisements.

The airlines who do this, and it happens elsewhere in the world too as data base marketing morphs into social media pitches to the paying committed interest customer, are setting up a template many other media advertisers might follow.

Whether its online clothes and accessories, bespoke wine and food selections or tickets to concerts or gigs, Club Jetstar is another reminder that paying tens of thousands of dollars per page to advertise in newspapers or on TV shows with falling fortunes and shrinking audiences that would include those totally disinterested in the offers is looking less smart or effective by the day.

But whether Club Jetstar works is another matter. In an age of consumer distrust and easy on-line comparative shopping, $39.99 a year to let Jetstar tell you what’s good for you mightn’t cut through to cautious shoppers.

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