Jetstar has beaten Tigerair to be first to pay what Melbourne Airport asks for its new T4 low far carrier domestic terminal.

Or as today’s PR statement says, becomes its  ‘anchor’ tenant when it opens in the second half of 2015.

Not the best metaphor, as anchors are by design, made to sink.

However mere words aside, it is clear that both Jetstar and Tigerair and who knows whom else will in the future fill T4 to the rafters with punters using the fastest growing segment in aviation, even if they enjoy it less and less.

So mark this up as a big win for the owners of Melbourne Airport, remembering that when it comes to airports versus airlines in pricing for services, the airports always win.

Which, as has been the case since jet engines, raises the question as to who would invest in an airline if they could get a good price investing in airports? Even second airports like the one needed yesterday at Sydney, since the profits come from the growth in activity driven by improved infrastructure.

For those who get irritated by the Sydney Airport experience, you might like to contemplate the videos on offer at Melbourne Airport’s site.

The You Tube of the new Melbourne T4 is linked below.


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