While the campaign by Sydney primary school student Eve Cogan, to have the Australian inventor of the black box flight recorder David Warren better recognised has not yet succeeded in having an airport or aviation related monument named after him, she has other unsung national heroes in mind. 

The latest are the members of the CSIRO team that invented wi-fi. and saved the internet from the tyranny of being tangled up in cables, and took on major global IT companies and won when their patents were infringed.

Cogan has produced this YouTube video on the wi-fi pioneers.


She contacted Plane Talking saying she thought Qantas should have in flight internet wi-fi availability on its aircraft but felt she didn’t fly enough to have an opinion she could add to this earlier post.

However her video tells a story about forgotten Australian inventors who didn’t just change the world, but untangled it,  and with a conviction that shows that you don’t need to fly to be heard or make a difference.

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