With no Cathay Pacific rendering on hand, here is a Boeing graphic of a Lufthansa 777-9

After the sensational launch of the Boeing 777-X series at last month’s Dubai Air Show, Cathay Pacific has agreed to the first subsequent order for the upgraded series with a $US 7.5 billion deal (catalog value) for 21 of the 400+ seat super sized twin engined jet.

The newest version of the 777, which won’t be ready until 2020, comes in the larger -9 version and an ultra long range -8 model. Cathay Pacific said it would introduced the 777-9s between 2021-2024.

The airline is already a major user of the 777-300ER, with 37 of the type in service, and a further 13 slated for delivery well before the 777-9s are available.  It also has a young average age fleet of 35 Airbus A330-300s in service with a further eight on order, as well as 48 Airbus A350s, an all new Airbus design now undergoing certification testing and also for delivery prior to the arrival of the larger newest Boeing twin-jet.

This brings known orders for the 777-9s and -8s to 280, with the others comprising 150 for Emirates, 50 for Qatar Airways, 25 for Etihad, and 34 for Lufthansa.

The question that might occur to Qantas watchers is whether or not it will be able to get any 777-9s or -8s before about 2022 at the earliest.

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