Dec 24, 2013

Best wishes for the well seasoned

2013 has taught this slow learner not to make any predictions for 2014. However for those who have travelled with Plane Talking and offered their thoughts, criticisms, a

Ben Sandilands — Editor of Plane Talking

Ben Sandilands

Editor of Plane Talking

The view toward Mt Townsend. Eugene von Guérard 1862 courtesy National Gallery of Australia

2013 has taught this slow learner not to make any predictions for 2014.

However for those who have travelled with Plane Talking and offered their thoughts, criticisms, and always valued insights please accept my thanks and very best wishes for the holiday season. It’s been a good discussion.

As a very young boy I flew in a TAA Douglas DC-4 Skymaster past, not over, the part of the main range of the Snowies shown in this somewhat dramatic interpretation of the landscape painted by Eugene von Guérard in the late summer of 1862 or thereabouts.

Here’s wishing all of us good flying as well as good fortune in the coming year, and with maybe a bit more separation between our airliners and the terrain.

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19 thoughts on “Best wishes for the well seasoned

  1. paddy

    Ben, as a nervous flyer, I rely on your posts to keep me alert and alarmed. Long may the service continue.
    Merry Xmas & safe landings every time.

  2. gearsau


    All the best for 2014. Keep up the excellent work.
    Hope to travel again in a month or two.

    No ” Y ” class though 🙂

    Regards Peter

  3. Bill Parker

    Always my daily read! Happy holidays ben.

  4. Boston the Dog

    Merry Christmas Ben,

    Thanks for your insights into the aviation game and for informing us about those wimps, frauds, and occasionally, decent people who are in charge of this vital industry.

    Paddy, you should consider a nervous flyer course. I am told they are very effective and may help you. Despite the occasional reports of aircraft “plunging” (they always “plunge” – it is a journalist thing) they are a very safe form of travel.

    Cheers to All. Hope 2014 is a prosperous one!

  5. Tamas Calderwood

    Merry Christmas Ben.

  6. Ken Borough

    Happy Christmas Ben! And may 2014 (gee, it’s been a long time since Y2K??) bring peace, good health and happiness.

  7. StickShaker

    Merry Christmas Ben and to all the contributors on this blog. For everyone flying in 2014 I sincerely hope that your number of safe take-offs never exceeds your number of safe landings.

  8. Richard de Crespigny

    Merry Christmas Ben.

    And Nerry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the passionate aviators (and their families) in your blog-sphere.

    We are living in the most exciting times in aviation. Risks and challenges abound, but the opportunities are endless.

    Safe and happy flight to us all.

  9. timjack Elton

    Ben, thanks for this great aviation blog, always a good read, wishing you and all who contribute on here a wonderful Christmas and a safe and happy new year!

  10. gearsau

    I enjoyed your book.
    Maybe I will get to fly in an A380 one day
    All the best..

  11. Geoff

    Ben – We rely on you for your fearless publishing and for giving us glimpses of the aviation world from outside of the press release. (By the way did you take down your last but one blog?)

    If you ever feel you are unappreciated or the heat from the aviation ‘establishment” grows fierce; think of us. We hang on your every word and as those above had written, I never miss your blog.

    A merry Xmas and a new year filled with the smell of Jet A1 and 100LL Avgas.

    All the best

  12. Glen McCabe

    Ben, as an amateur aviation aficionado your blog is utterly essential and compelling reading. More power to you, and I hope for many years of productive journalism to come.

    (As someone who has just got through a day’s delay at IAH due to bad weather (unavoidable) and appalling UA ‘customer service’ (avoidable) with a baby in tow), I wish everyone out there smooth, safe, and enjoyable travels in 2014!

  13. patrick kilby


    Thank you for a great and provocative blog and saving us trolling through too many journals and newspapers. I am sure 2014 will be as exciting as 2013 with much controversy to exercise our minds. Have a great Christmas and a good break to both you and the blog followers.

  14. Dan Dair

    Happy Christmas to you & yours, Ben.
    And the same best wishes to all your contributors & watchers.

    At this time of seasonal goodwill it seems appropriate that my post should happily snuggle-up alongside of Patrick’s, who I have frequently taken up a contrary position with this year.
    Best wishes pal.

    Long may you keep this good stuff going Ben and long may the opinions & insights keep coming in from the contributors.
    I’ve learned so much from this blog this year.

  15. 777 Steve

    Peace and goodwill to all mankind….but I looked under the tree this morning Ben, and there was nothing from you! 🙂 Merry Christmas

  16. keesje

    Best wishes to you Ben and all readers / contributors to PlaneTalking. Lets hope for another exciting aviation year.

  17. patrick kilby

    Thanks Dan and best wishes to you as well. I do enjoy the jousting which is what makes this blog so much fun and enjoyable to read.

  18. Glen McDonald

    Ben and Plane Talking contributors – thank you for keeping me well informed 2013 and up to date with new developments. I wish all of you a happy, safe and elevated 2014.
    All the best wishes for an early (30 years on) announcement about Sydney West airport, a strong and resilient commercial aviation sector (including Qantas) – all the best of luck to Brindabella Staff – a sensible decision on a fast train and a selfish one for me, more direct regional, national and long overdue international flights for Canberra.
    All the very best of everything for 2014.
    Oh, did anyone find out what Alan Joyce got for Christmas? I wonder how long it will take him to break his toys again THIS year?

  19. 2353

    Merry New Year and thanks for a informative 2013 Ben, you work is really appreciated.

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