David Warren with his 'black box' prototype: public domain

In a fine gesture to the memory of a great Australian, Canberra Airport is to name a building within its Fairbairn precinct The David Warren Complex.

The decision is also a tribute to the campaign run by Sydney school student Eve Cogan, who has been seeking to have an airport, particularly Canberra Airport named after the man who invented the ‘black box’ flight recorder, as it has been known ever since the bright orange device came into being.

The story about this breakthrough can be read on Eve Cogan’s blog.

Australia has many unsung heroes when it comes to invention, and without doubt Warren’s initiatives and persistence have advanced air safety more than any, and will do so as far into the future as any of us can see.

The invention saved thousands upon thousands of lives through the feedback that it created between informed air crash investigations based on the retrieval of accurate voice and data recordings and consequent changes to airliner designs and the regulations applying to their certifications and operations.

Many thanks to Eve Cogan for her work.

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