A large debris field sighted late yesterday by a Cathay Pacific flight off the east coast of Vietnam is the latest focus of the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines 777.

There are reports by Bloomberg and a more detailed update in the rolling log at the Aviation Herald.

The debris sighting is in the South China Sea far from the prime search areas in the Gulf of Thailand which have until now been the subject of an expanding international operation.

If this latest area of interest leads to the crash site, it follows that the flight was deliberately kept in radio silence, and that points to criminal interference with its conduct.

It would also raise the obvious question as to how its progress to that location wasn’t seen on Vietnam’s ATC radar screens, even if its identifying transponder had been switched off.

But this is all supposition. In this fourth day of the search much of the evidence as to what happened to the flight will be disappearing, no matter where the wreckage lies.

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