David Warren's plaque at the Fairbairn precinct building that honours him

A renaming ceremony at Canberra Airport yesterday saw the opening of the David Warren Building at its Fairbairn Precinct, as his invention, the ‘black box’ flight recorder is again in the news as a key to solving the mysteries surrounding the loss of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

This recognition for the modest Australian inventor’s contribution to air safety is also another success for young Sydney student, Eve Cogan, who has been campaigning for an airport to be named in his honour.

Every aircraft of size that is registered to fly passengers on this planet carries cockpit voice recorders and flight data recorders that began with the late David Warren’s genius, vision and determination.

The concept of a ‘flight memory device’ as he originally termed it, occurred to him as the member of a panel of experts investigating the at first mysterious crashes of Comet jet airliners in the early ’50s.

Eve Cogan who was at the ceremony at Canberra Airport yesterday tells the David Warren story on her website. It’s an excellent site, and a reminder of the importance of one of the greatest of Australia’s unsung heroes.

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