In what could be less than funny to some members of existing frequent flyer programs, Tigerair has launched an Infrequent Flyers Club.

It’s actually an attempt to get people to sign up with their details to a direct data based marketing list in which you give away your privacy,  just like you do in any other so called loyalty program be it in groceries, credit card programs or other airline FFPs.

The details can be found here. Once you sign up you can choose your own coloured card from ’70s brown to triple emerald sapphire ivory’.

Useless. For sure. But so increasingly are ‘real’ loyalty programs. Bank issued credit cards now come with limitations that it some cases mean you can only get enough points a year on general purchases to just possibly fly out of the country on your own but not get back.  The ‘real’ airline programs are selling exercises not ‘freebies’. The bargain of the day is often less costly than a points redemption that charges an often substantial fee for fuel surcharges. It will certainly cost less than the mountain of overpriced groceries you might otherwise buy to qualify for being told by your ‘real’ airline of choice that there are no seats unavailable on your desired dates until after your life expectancy has been exceeded.

Air travel has become commonplace, cheap, and increasingly uncomfortable, even if the company is paying for your trip. Tigerair might just be what your company travel policy insists that you fly on, in the near future.

This could make infrequent flying very attractive, and you can enjoy those privileges without even trading your marketing info for a membership number.

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