The former Inspector General of the US Department of Transportation, Mary Schiavo, has tweeted links to photos showing what floating debris from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 c0uld look like.

The images are small on the Boeing technical paper on 777s like the one that vanished with 239 people on board on 8 March but an example is shown below.

Authorities in Malaysia are examining photos of possible MH370 debris washed up to the east of the Western Australian town of Augusta,  which is near the most south western tip of the Australian continent.  The debris was found in the Scott River  estuary on a coastline washed by the Southern Ocean.

Australian reports say the object found was 2.5 metres long and metallic in appearance. However when  Azharuddin Abdul Rahman the director general of Malaysia’s Department of Civil Aviation  was asked in Kuala Lumpur about the photos received from the ATSB in Australia yesterday he described them as showing plastic sheeting.

This is a diagram of some of the parts of a 777 that could have been ripped off on impact with the sea shown in a technical article by a Japan maker of aircraft components ShinMaywa Industries.

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