Promotional photo of Lombok, the next Bali, but not yet for Jetstar?

It has turned out to be a case of  ‘Lombok beautiful any day, but not viable till the next’ for Jetstar, with its flights to the Indonesian island from Perth being part of route “adjustments”.

There shouldn’t be any doubt about the future of the island as a visitor magnet. It is quite close to Bali geographically, but maybe a few decades in the past when it comes to resort developments.

(Which is another way of saying some mistakes can be avoided in terms of where tourism goes in Lombok.)

This is the Jetstar summary of the changes.

In other developments that will have a longer term effect on Australian carriers, growth in Indonesia originating demand for air travel has slowed to a mere 10 per cent a year. However foreign carrier participation in Indonesia’s airline industry has so far been a sorry story, with Tiger Airways Holdings in Singapore being reported as seeking total exit from its investment in the Tigerair Mandala franchise in the near future

This follows the failure of its Philippines Tigerair franchise ambitions.

It might be an issue for Australia’s aviation policy makers when Lion Air of Indonesia’s periodic expressions of interest in expanding into Australia’s domestic market  eventually reach the stage of serious negotiations between Canberra and Jakarta.

Indonesia is highly protective of its airlines. What case might be made for allowing its flag carriers to participate in this market, if there isn’t similar levels of reciprocity?

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