An earlier photo of the first All Black NZ 789 at Everett

Air New Zealand’s planning for the rapid and effective deployment of a fleet of ten 787-9s is what will really be on display at next week’s Farnborough Air Show in the UK.

The Dreamliner in question will be the fifth to be delivered to the carrier, not the first, which is due to land in Auckland this Friday after Boeing banks the money and signs it out in Seattle.

Those keen to see this second and most capable version of the Dreamliner in service will not have long to wait either.

Air New Zealand has previously said it will make a series of unspecified trans Tasman flights in the months before entering scheduled service between Perth and Auckland in mid October.

By year’s end there will be more Air NZ 787-9s flying between Auckland and Shanghai and Tokyo. They will also share flights to Australia with other 787-9s due to enter service soon with United, and according to industry gossip, Scoot, the low cost wide body brand owned by Singapore Airlines.

Qantas has options for 787-9s which, on earlier guidance, cannot start to be exercised for deliveries before 2017.

However, while Qantas will not be among the early users of the advanced Dreamliner, it seems it will be the airline flying them at the best price from Boeing, courtesy of the very early and reputedly bargain basement deal that Qantas secured in December 2005, at a time when its maker was determined to win that order in a contest with an earlier version of the A350, and was keen to rack up some large initial orders.

This is the Air NZ media release:

An Air New Zealand Boeing 787-9 aircraft will participate in the prestigious biennial Farnborough International Airshow in the UK next week.

Air New Zealand is the launch customer for the Dreamliner 787-9 aircraft and has 10 on order, with the first due to be delivered this week. The aircraft that will take part in the Farnborough International Airshow will be the fifth delivered to the airline.

Air New Zealand’s Chief Flight Operations and Safety Officer Captain David Morgan says the 787-9 aircraft will be an integral part of the airline’s future fleet.

“The 787-9 is full of innovative features that are brand new to aviation and will enhance the inflight experience for our customers. The jet also uses 20 percent less fuel than similar aircraft making it an environmentally responsible choice to take us into the future,” says Captain Morgan.

“It’s a great honour to have one of Air New Zealand’s 787-9 aircraft exhibited to hundreds of thousands of aviation enthusiasts at what is one of the industry’s premier events.”

The 787-9 will be on static and flying display at the airshow from 14 July through until 18 July.

Air New Zealand’s first 787-9 will land in Auckland on Friday after a formal handover ceremony at the Boeing factory in Seattle later this week.

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