The silence from Boeing and safety regulators about a troubling security hole in Boeing 777s is of concern.

It existed on the 777 that mysteriously disappeared while operating Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 with 239 people on board between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing on 8 March.

Plane Talking has reluctantly drawn attention to this in the past, as MH370 inquiries point to an electrical event that might have been triggered in an unsecured electronics and electrics bay accessed under the cockpit area through an unlocked hatch in the cabin floor.

The Runway Girl network which is based in the US is now hosting a remarkably disturbing video which shows just have accessible this area is, complete with commentary from a 777 pilot as to the potential consequences of unauthorised access by anyone who knows this type of airliner  and could seek to do grave harm.

The site has performed a responsible and important duty in bringing more clarity to this issue, as the existence of this security hole has become increasingly known yet perhaps not fully understood in recent months.

Please go to this link and take in what the video conveys. And ask yourself, how could this situation have been allowed to persist, despite agitation for a fix that has been taking place in non-public forums for several years?

Ask yourself, is there something that might be plugged into this vulnerable equipment that might cause terrible things to happen, with or without the participation of the pilots flying MH370?

The bay is quite large. A screen grab from the video is shown below.

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