More than nine months since it vanished with at least 239 people and some mystery cargo onboard, there are two things that stand out about Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

  • The 777-200ER’s diversion from its planned flight path was deliberate; and
  • The Malaysian authorities have withheld critically important information related to the flight, and have willfully lied to the world.

In a Crikey Insider subscriber review of what has been established about this baffling and unprecendented disappearance of a passenger jet airliner the critical standout elements that have been established since March are discussed.

But there is another matter. The media staged its own disappearing act in relation to MH370, with the most of the coverage being by reporters who didn’t follow the story from Day 1 or test what was being said by seeking informal reviews of the claims made by the Malaysia authorites by talking to airline professionals.

This general lack of continuity in coverage meant that the inconsistencies in the Malaysia narrative were seldom detected or reported by the mass media. It has taken the pressure off Malaysia to tell the whole truth and nothing but about MH370, and its pressure that the Australian managed search ought to apply to Kuala Lumpur.

This is a tiny fragment of the massive sea bed search zone, seen at one metre resolution by a synthetic aperature side scan sonar device.

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