Tycho Brahe amateur rocket payload, a serious but unsuccessful venture

Update: Both incidents are now confirmed as occurring in the same part of Perth air space.

It’s bad enough that criminally stupid people shine lasers at aircraft, and let the odd drone fly into the low level approach and departure paths near airports, but has someone been firing rockets at flights around Perth?

That possibility has been raised by two scientists, Paul Dean and Keith Basterfield who previously urged that an incident investigated by the ATSB concerning a Perth flight and a mystery object in 2014 be classified as a UFO event.

After they published their analysis of the incident last year, a real incident according to the ATSB, they have used Freedom of Information requests to discover a somewhat similar incident in Perth airspace the previous year.

But in this case it didn’t trigger an ATSB inquiry and the missile like object was seen at a higher altitude, and descending, under parachute.

This is the post raising the possibility that it wasn’t a UFO but a rocket that was the explanation for both sightings that Paul Dean put on his site UFOs-Documenting the Evidence, yesterday.

Commentary Plane Talking is written by a keen skywatcher, who is totally annoyed by the fact that over a lifetime of careful observations no alien spacecraft nor anything remotely suggestive of the UFO’s of science fiction and tabloid media hysteria has even come his way.

In a subsequent email Paul Dean had a real rocket scientist review these two sightings from the perpsective of their being genuine launches from the ground in or around Perth. The conclusion, in a few words, is that for these to have been rockets, particularly at an altitude greater than that seen in the 2013 incident, an extremely high order of technological comptency and an outstandingly good propulsion system had to have been used, all delivered in a smallish package, and somehow neither heard nor seen on launching.

It seems that these sightings, one of which was serious enough to be investigated by the ATSB, keep raising some awkward questions. For which no-one, as yet, has an answer.

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