Trail riding in the Canadian Rockies

There are two special attractions, in addition to travel in Canada, in Qantas putting on more holiday season flights to Vancouver.

One is that in general terms, the falling Australian dollar is widely said to retain more spending power in Canada than the US, and if you are starting to tear up at the thought of the demise of the Boeing 747-400, the Queen of the Skies will operate its Sydney-Vancouver services.

Be clear on one thing. The refurbished Qantas 744 flying these services is way more comfortable in all classes than Air Canada’s totally overcrammed 10 abreast configuration in its Boeing 777s on the same route.

(The writer isn’t sure about the exchange rate advantage in Canada, but 10 across in a 777 economy cabin with pathetic legroom on a 15 hour flight is a pointless ordeal if you can ride the same configuration in the wider 747, and every centimetre counts when you get jammed into a space where you don’t have any wriggle room.)

Qantas will operate 33 return services between Sydney and Vancouver – 13 return services in June/July, and 20 return services from mid-December to late January 2016, operated by a three-cabin, 364-seat refurbished B747 aircraft.

This follows the end of its recent winter ski season flights on the same right, although the Canadian ski season continues until well into the northern spring depending on the resort, beyond the peak season for northern winter travel from Australia.

There is perhaps only one regret in the new Qantas Vancouver timetable, in that it covers the months before and after the Canadian fall.  The autumn, anywhere in Canada, is a time of immense beauty, and sees shoulder season pricing in many resorts or centres.

However you can still fly Qantas to Canada via other routings outside the Vancouver specials, via various code shares over Los Angeles or Dallas Fort Worth. For some parts of Canada this is generally no more time consuming than flying non-stop to Vancouver and then making connections but you get the aggravation of two sets of border protocols.

The Qantas statement on the additional Vancouver flights can be read here.

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