The CSeries prototype after its first flight in 2013

While not much is known at this stage about new Malaysia airline flymojo it signed a deal to buy 20 CSeries 100 jets at the LIMA Maritime and Aerospace Show in Langkawi today.

Bombardier needs orders for the new tech 100-160 seat regional jet which is currently undergoing certification tests and flights.

Flymojo, which styles its title all lower case, has also optioned a further 20 of the jet.

Whatever else is said about the CSeries, it is a highly attractive package in its specifications, and if the airline and its order goes ahead, it will certainly give it product differentiation from day one with a roomy and quiet airliner.

Reuters has posted this story, which doesn’t answer questions as to who owns flymojo and what type of service it plans to offer, although it will exploit regional connections rather than focus on head to head contests with Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia, which are both based in Kuala Lumpur.

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