While there are no discoveries reported in the latest MH370 search update, it makes a point of rejecting recent criticism from a range of sources, as well as The Australian’s inexplicable re run of a year old story saying it could have been seen low over a ‘remote’ Maldivian Island on the morning of its disappearance.

It’s worth reading the update in full here.

The JACC site also has a graphic showing how the existing priority search area will be as much as doubled in size if nothing is found within its boundaries by around the end of next month, while the narrative makes a point of saying that this focus on the 7th arc could be adjusted in the light of further analysis.

The Search Strategy Working Group continues its analysis of the satellite communication system messages and aircraft performance. This ongoing effort may result in refinements to the search area along the seventh arc.

That could mean that it will be.

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