It seems to have occurred to someone in the ATSB that it does need to eventually post updates on the re-opened inquiry into the 2009 Pel-Air crash which it botched the first time around.

The safety bureau has just posted some new images of the wreckage on the sea floor off Norfolk Island, although it is almost a month since the crash scene was resurveyed in advance of actually making an attempt to retrieve the flight recorder from the rear section of ditched Westwind corporate jet.

The jet operated by Pel-Air, was conducting an air ambulance flight from Apia to Melbourne when it found itself unable to land as intended at Norfolk Island to refuel.

The dysfunctional manner in which the prolonged ATSB inquiry was conducted is laid bare in the peer review of the procedures following by the safety body by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, but only if you read all of that report rather than rely upon the summaries offered by it and the Department of Infrastructure which is responsible for both the safety investigator and the air safety regulator CASA.

The crux of the Pel-Air controversy is that the pilot was framed by the ATSB and CASA while the safety regulator improperly withheld an internal report which found gross failures on its part to correctly oversight or remedy what was found to have been serious safety deficiencies by the operator.

The ATSB says it doesn’t appear from the late March survey that any attempt has been made to retrieve the flight data recorder (or other wreckage) although there are claims that life rafts from the flight had already been previously recovered in the aftermath of the heroic rescue of the six people on board the flight by the crew of a Norfolk Island fishing vessel.

This image below and two others have been posted today by the ATSB.

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