A fully powered non-gliding approach by a 787 Dreamliner

In a you-just-can’t-be-too-careful story America’s FAA has formalised Boeing’s advice to 787 users to power them down at regular intervals to prevent them, well, falling out of the air!

The possibility that this might have actually happened in real life was remote, as outlined by this report in ATW.

But once the glitch with its generator control units was identified by Boeing in ground tests as having the potential to make a Dreamliner a glider, that risk had to be eliminated.

Those flying on Dreamliners have something more real to be concerned about, and that is the appallingly uncomfortable seating most operators have chosen to instal in economy class with a nine across seating arrangement no adult American could possibly squeeze into and endure for something like a non-stop trans Pacific or trans Atlantic flight.

Your ass, to stay in the American vernacular, is much more threatened by the un-dreamy cabin fit outs, than an unintended gliding descent from 41,000 feet while over Siberia or the south Pacific, although by the time that happened, it might also seem merciful.

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