An older model Dash 8 series propjet. Perfect for flights to Footrot Flats!

Let’s savor the prospect of what Jetstar is said to be about to do in New Zealand, and thus speculate on its doing the same thing in places like Tasmania.  Get ready for ….. Propstar!

Qantas is reported in NZ to be ready to announced the use of surplus Qantaslink propjets to expand Jetstar NZ services to towns that Air New Zealand couldn’t give a hobbit about.

Of course none of this is confirmed, but it makes sense, ghastly sense, if it comes true.

And as a matter of logic, doing the same thing would work for the same reasons in Australia, perhaps starting with flights to Tasmania.

One of the good things about propjets is that you get on and off quickly, and they don’t try to taxi halfway to Canberra from Sydney for example as they can on a good day be given faster access to what are for their characteristics, shorter runway needs.

The Qantaslink and Virgin Australian turboprops from Canberra to Sydney often get to the gate five minutes faster than their respective 737s when they are used on the same route.

And their operating costs, and fuel burn in particular, can be far less than those of jets on such short routes.

We might hear from Qantas in New Zealand later today.

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