The extended 787-9 demo video with Choose Your View channels on right

Boeing has followed up its stunning 787-9 pre-Paris  flying display video with a new YouTube Choose Your View sequel where viewers can switch between air to air, inside cockpit and view from inside looking out perspectives using constantly updating channels.

Flying display videos will never be the same again. Whether you are just an armchair thrill seeker or a qualified pilot many questions about what it was like to be onboard, or what the Boeing pilots did, are answered by using YouTube’s as yet experimental multi-angle view technology.

There is a brief explanation as to how to use Choose Your View at the start of the video. The advice to keep the chosen tab depressed for a second or so before releasing it makes a positive difference to the presentation which lasts more than eight minutes. Or a lot longer if you get hooked, as you will.

At this stage it doesn’t work all that well, or at all, on some mobile devices, so look at it on a laptop or desktop. There is really interesting commentary within the cockpit and the first thing that comes to mind toggling over to the external view channel is that some heads up type indicators for airspeed, horizon and acceleration, and deceleration forces would be a plus for what is a five star viewing experience by any other criteria.

The 787-9 used for the Paris Air Show display flights is due to enter service later this year with Vietnam Airlines.  This is the first stretch or variant of the Dreamliner series, and Qantas is widely tipped to be likely to exercise some of its dozens of purchase rights and options for the jet later this year for deliveries in 2017, and perhaps beyond. It is already used on scheduled services to Australian cities by Air New Zealand, United, Scoot and Etihad.

But it will never be used quite the way shown in this video.

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