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Oct 5, 2015

There are a few issues with the two jet MH370 conspiracy theory

For those who enjoy conspiracy theories, there is a very good one being circulated about how two jets and a captured US drone command post in Afghanistan led to the murder by the CI

Ben Sandilands — Editor of Plane Talking

Ben Sandilands

Editor of Plane Talking

Are these people milling around at an unidentified airport fodder for CIA attacks?

For those who enjoy conspiracy theories, there is a very good one being circulated about how two jets and a captured US drone command post in Afghanistan led to the murder by the CIA of almost everyone on MH370 in order to stop the equipment being sold to China by the Taliban.

You can read it here.  It’s not as good as reading, say, Tom Clancy, the spy thriller writer who was obviously murdered by the CIA at some stage of his career in order for them to regulate and appropriately influence his dramatisations of the truth about its activities.

But, it’s good enough in its content to have been true, provided a whole heap of reasonable objections to the contents didn’t prevent it from happening.

Let’s face it, if America can hang its air superiority survival on the Lockheed Martin F-35 and the Boeing aerial tanker that is clearly being sabotaged from within by ISIS infiltrators, then the article Was the disappearance of MH370 a CIA false flag operation? could easily be true.

However there are problems with it. One of its tenets is that the stolen US drone command post was being shipped from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in the 777-200ER that was operating MH370 on 8 March 2014, the night it disappeared into a huge cloud of useless and over analysed pings relayed by a decrepit communications satellite interspersed with sightings in the Malacca Straits, the Maldives, and northern Sumatra, and mysterious ploughed fields in the vastness of the Baikonur cosmodrome, which is used for burying airliners as well as farming and rocket launches.

So far, so good.  The first clue that the conspiracists have lost their understanding of how the world works is the requirement that the only way that the CIA had of stopping the shipment on MH370 was to create a double plane for it, hijack the real plane, kill all the passengers and crew, fly it to Diego Garcia and unload it, and then dump it back in the mid Indian Ocean after a scenic fly past over a lesser part of the Maldives before a special secret auto-pilot system dropped it, and its dead passengers and crew into a location where they would miraculously disappear into the marine food chain before anything inconvenient bobbed up in the sea lanes.

All while the plane’s double was set up to make its misleading journey to oblivion in the south Indian Ocean and fool everyone into thinking it was the real MH370.

Guys, whoa! Malaysia is for sale. For as little as $10 million, much less than allegedly paid out by a plastic banknote company to get the contract for printing ringgits,  the stolen US drone command post could have been off loaded at KLIA right into a passing US C-17 without any need to murder 239 people or f*ck over an entire airline.  Or orchestrate a second look alike 777 once sold by Malaysia Airlines to a mystery company in Tel Aviv to blind side the ATSB, which does on careful consideration, makes part of the double jet conspiracy theory involve the supernatural or at the very least relativistic paradoxes, which can only be understand by lay readers by following older episodes of Dr Who.

Speaking of which, does a drone command post on the frontline in Afghanistan sound a bit weird anyhow, when we all know that drones are flown by bored 18 year old junior officers in a command centre with free soda pop fountains and other games parlour machines in a bunker in Texas?

It is of course, sadly plausible that the entire upper echelon of the US intelligence community was totally clueless as to how corrupt KL is, and failed to understand that the absolutely massive effort that would have to be invested in the two plane strategy and  the calculated murder of a plane load of passengers could be avoided with a compact shipment of cash or gold bullion.

This outrageous conspiracy theory might really have some substance at least in reality, which is something that  to whatever extent it might be true, would diminish us all in a world gone mad.

If NATO can commit an alleged war crime by bombing a well known hospital in Afghanistan and killing large numbers of people, and Russian backed separatists can carelessly mistake another Malaysian Airlines 777 for a hostile aircraft and shoot it down with a missile then such an atrocity involving MH370 is not totally impossible (in some form).


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14 thoughts on “There are a few issues with the two jet MH370 conspiracy theory

  1. Dan Dair

    There are so many holes in this story it should look like Swiss cheese.!

    Whilst it has an air of plausibility in some aspects, (mostly plausible only because of the mad-stuff the US security services are known or rumoured to have done previously.?) there are many more far-fetched areas it traverses.

    The biggest fall-down for me is the idea that the US security services would go to all that trouble to create a ‘back-story’ for something they could have just arranged to take on the ground; either by judicious use of under-the-counter-cash or sheer weight-of-numbers in a controlled military operation around the cargo-area.

    Here’s my ‘back of a envelope’ precis for how that might have unfolded;

    Fly their 2 C5’s / C17’s in, ostensibly to deliver cargo to someone in the area.
    Disgorge a not insubstantial number of fully-armed troops into the cargo area.
    Locate & load the missing bit of ‘property’.
    Put the troops back on board & leave.?
    Just 15 minutes on the ground,
    Only 10 minutes from when the first alarm might be raised. 2 men in the control tower to ensure an unhindered departure.
    No shots fired, no injuries sustained or inflicted.
    A flock of fighters in the regional skies to ensure the C17’s go unmolested.?

    With a bit of cash after the event to diplomatically smooth-over what couldn’t be bought with that same bit of cash beforehand.???

    That would all be much more plausible IMO, simply because it’s what the security services / military are actually quite good at.!

  2. Simon Gunson

    Oh buddy you need a holiday…

    Quite apart from the fact I still personally believe MH370 was a bizarre accident involving cockpit fire & decompression, the most interesting one I’ve heard yet was relayed to me in a private message on Twitter by an investigative journalist.

    It concerns a theory that Captain Zaharie Shah was allegedly leaking Company emails exposing Najib’s mates using MAS flights to ferry Bangladeshi guest workers from Sabah to KL for the purpose of voter fraud.

    The theory has it that MH370 was sabotaged before take off to assassinate the captain but intended to look like a simple accident, but that the plot went wrong and the B777 did not go down as expected, hence a long trail of lies.

    The story also conjectures that the United States knew or learned about a plot to bring down MH370 and rather than expose it, have used it to blackmail the Malaysian Govt.

    Zaharie’s family know nothing of these allegations that he might be responsible for leaking airline emails & frankly dismissed the idea when i asked them. I tend to agree, but it makes more convincing reading that the two plane theory.

    The longer they don’t find MH370 the more writers careers this mystery will launch. The NOK are sick and tired of being jerked around by such theories. They are mad as hell and want answers.

  3. Moss

    Again with the russian MH17 allegations? Why not just wait to see what is said in the report?
    I wish instead of looking at these kooky “conspiracy theories” you’d look at why Malaysia was initially excluded from the investigation. In what world does THAT make sense?

  4. David Hand

    Except that when comparing potential causes of these events, stupidity is more likely that evil scheming of complex plots.

    Bombing the hospital and shooting down MH17 both have logical explanations in the stupidity box, something this weird conspiracy theory can’t possible fit in.

  5. SusieQ

    I do love a good conspiracy theory, if only to provide me with a laugh. Waiting for the next one to involve a dingo and a submarine piloted by the Chinese.

  6. rachel612

    This is amusing, thanks. One minor data point: the drones are flown out of Creech AFB in Nevada, just north of Las Vegas.

    From the highway you can observe some of the amusing training missions. Seems flying a drone is not quite as easy as controlling a PS4 🙂

  7. Dan Dair

    Moss, David Hand,

    To defend one side of the argument,
    At least the American President himself came out to publicly acknowledge & apologise for the US military bombing the hospital.
    Whether it was a genuine accident or a US Security services ‘black-op’ to some specific end, politically, Obama’s admission almost certainly draws a line under a terrible incident.?

    Whoever was responsible for MH17, no-one has had the courage or wisdom to admit to it, which is why it continues to drag on & the conspiracists are having-a-ball as a result.

  8. ken svay

    Conspiracy theorists are nuts, many still believe that the twin towers were rigged with explosives and all the other nonsense that goes with it.
    The bombing of the hospital was just typical incompetance/ fog of war stuff.The amazing thing about conspiracies are seen by the fools is that so many participants can keep a secret.

  9. Dan Dair

    ken svay,
    “The amazing thing about conspiracies are seen by the fools is that so many participants can keep a secret”

    I couldn’t agree more.
    I’m always amazed that (off-topic alert.!!) people can still believe that after all this time, ‘someone who it can be proved was actually there’ hasn’t come forward to explain how the moon landings were faked.?
    In over forty years, no-one has said “I was there” & no group has come forward to claim that their film & TV technician friends & lovers all mysteriously disappeared, immediately after a successful final mission.?????

    (Plus what would they have done with the astronauts in a clear capsule-destruction scenario.?
    See movie: Capricorn One for further information.!!!!)

  10. Norman Hanscombe

    Perhaps Crikey et al believe the CIA was also behind the Chinese submarine which supposedly took Harold Holt?

  11. Ben Sandilands


    I’m hoping you didn’t mean to confuse the messenger with the message. I don’t have a theory to defend in the case of MH370, only a lot of questions and the odd observation about liars in high places. Similarly with Crikey as the host for this blog, they don’t have an editorial position on MH370, or Harold Holt either. But they do have questions about MH370.

    The problem with theories about MH370 in general is that the actual, firm, indisputable facts about the flight would fit single spaced on both sides of a sheet of A4 paper.

    Despite that, elaborate and often sincere and well meaning theories as to what actually happened are widely built up upon layer on layer of supposition, suspicion and occasionally, mischief.

    I do think some of these suspicions have degrees of credibility. But they don’t come together with the necessary standards of proof. And sometimes, they overlook reasonable common sense or a grasp on the realities of doing politics, power and business in other countries.


    The term conspiracy theory was first employed in the MSM in the late sixties to deflect criticism being directed at the Warren Commission cover-up of the JFK assassination. Those who questioned the corrupt Commission were the first to be labelled Conspiracy Theorists. The term proved effective for a time.

    Over the more than fifty years since the assassination the facts covered up by the Warren Commission have gradually come to light. It is now clear that Oswald was at the time of the event a CIA asset set up to be the patsy.

    The fact is that the so called civilised State is capable of evil deeds and with a compliant media able for a time to get away with them.

  13. Confirmed Sceptic

    OK, fair enough Mr Neg…

    How about “idiot theory” then?

    I was in Dealey Plaza a couple of days ago, revisiting the news reports of my nine year old loss of innocence watching JFK, then Oswald, getting plugged, live.

    Of course Oswald was the patsy, and Jack Ruby likewise, but you cannot convince the rubes of that. Still, that does not make every official account a lie, nor does it reveal anything at all about other events because the motives and actors change with each one. The sole common element is vast oceans of stupidity, and unlimited chatter that confuses opinion and fantasy with reality.

    Speaking of which….there is no scenario involving fire which could possibly explain MH370. Just because someone desperately wants an idea to be true and they articulate counter possibilities with apparent sincerity and pseudo science does not confer merit upon those theories.

  14. Dan Dair

    I think that space aliens ‘beamed’ MH370 aboard their spaceship.!

    IMO, that’s the reason that the flaperon (& by logical extension, the wings) was left behind. The teleportation-beam wasn’t large enough to encompass the whole airliner, so the aliens just took the people-carrying section.?

    It must be obvious to everyone by now that the aircraft hasn’t been found after a year of intensive searching, simply because it’s not on Earth anymore.?

    I’ve got little doubt that it will be found, good-as-new (minus wings.!) in some reasonably remote region of the planet, in another nine years or so.?

    At least,
    that’s what the voices in my head told me…….

    (perhaps I shouldn’t have told you about the voices in my head.? They don’t like it when I talk about them.
    No, I don’t have voices in my head,
    but all the rest of it is true.

    NB; ‘absence of evidence is not (conclusive) evidence of absence’

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