The larger of the two CSeries jets the 300 is the size of an A319 or 737-700

Update: Airbus has now responded to the earlier Reuters report about the Canadian jet maker, Bombardier offering to sell it control of its CSeries regional jet program, confirming that there were talks, but that ‘such discussions are no longer being pursued’.

Reuters had reported that Airbus had been offered a majority stake in the program to make high composite single aisle jets pitched in the 100-150 seat segment which has in effect been vacated by Airbus and Boeing.

What was striking in the Reuters report was that the responses from Quebec based Bombardier and Airbus were guarded and definitely not a refutation of the story. Saying ‘non’ is easy to do, and neither had, at that stage.

But Airbus has now confirmed the earlier story, and put an end to it.

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