Will this comfortable, maybe too generously spaced regional jet fly for Virgin or Qantas in coming years?

Embraer is moving quickly to complete its first E2 version of its existing E-jet family, with the wing already joined to the body of an E2 E-190 in Brazil.

However the testing and certification is proceeding at a more measured pace, with the first deliveries of the E-190 sized E2 due in the first half of 2018, followed at intervals of around a year by the new engine technology (Pratt & Whitney PurePower GTF) versions of the larger capacity E-195 and smaller E-175.

These photos were taken in  São José dos Campos where the assembly of E2 Number 1 was inspected by delegates to a regular Embraer E-jet operators conference.

Virgin Australia operates 18 of the current version of the E-190, giving it the only mainline single aisle jet to fly without a middle seat in economy class in this country. It has not announced any plans for replacing these earlier Embraers with E2 versions or anything else, although it would be reasonable to say the larger sized Canadian built regional jet, the troubled Bombardier CSeries, is no longer in the running as long as doubts persist over its survival.

Centre stage, the E2 E-190 at the E-jet operators conference.
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