The rear end of the sunk Pel-Air Westwind jet

The ATSB has now recovered the black boxes from the Pel-Air crash site that it should have promptly retrieved in 2009.

It always knew where the Westwind jet was. All that was lacking was competency and courage in the so called leadership of the relevant agencies, and the intelligent engagement of the responsible Ministers in successive Labor and Coalition governments.  A big ask where Ministers don’t have the guts, wits or courage to question the positions taken by the administrative branch.

Updated: 12 November 2015

During the afternoon of 11 November 2015, the rear section of VH-NGA, which contained the flight recorders, was lifted onto the deck of PMG Pride. Both the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder were removed from the wreckage and placed into sealed containers in preparation for transportation to the ATSB’s technical facilities in Canberra. The part numbers and serial numbers of the recorders agree with the maintenance documentation for the aircraft. The recovery and storage of the recorders was witnessed by an officer of the Australian Federal Police. Examination of, and data recovery from, the recorders is expected to commence during the week of 16 November 2015.

This leaves the ATSB with the more difficult task of finding those flight recorders that might help solve the mystery of the disappearance of MH370, whether it found it and didn’t recognise it or not.

This might also require more than black boxes, through the recovery of smart phone and tablet chips from somewhere on the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

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