A proposed ultra compact toilet and galley allowing extra tight fit seating
A proposed ultra compact toilet and galley allowing extra tight fit seating

A preemptive strike on Capitol Hill in Washington DC against airlines charging for in flight toilet access suggests the situation with ancillary fees is worse on the other side of the Pacific than might have been thought.

Democrat representative Dan Lipinski Illinois has proposed a house bill, the Comfortable and Fair Flights Act of 2015, to prohibit airlines from adding bathroom fees to the à la carte charges that have become popular in the aviation industry in recent years.

Read the full scoop on The Hill here.

America is a strange place to fly for Australians. The full service-low cost relationship has in some cases been inverted, with the former charging for everything they can think of, including things which Jetstar hasn’t even thought of, while Southwest and JetBlue (by and large) go out of their way to offer complimentary snacks, and courtesy, although there are reports they are moving toward a charge for more things strategy as well.

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary managed skillfully to get several years of screaming and indignant headlines out of the UK and Euro media by proposing to put coin operated toilet doors on its 737s. It turned out that he had no such intention, but knew how to play the media like a harp.

However it seems that in America that there is a risk the ultra low cost carriers like Spirit, or Rouge (across the border in Canada) might have more than toyed with the idea. As travellers grow older, more incontinent, and more grumpy, Lipinski might yet be immortalised in terminal statues or have named airport roadways named in his honour.

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