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Jan 31, 2016

News goes ga-ga over year old MH370 news

The News organisation definition of 'exclusive' when it comes to MH370 appears to be reporting news that is more than a year old.

Ben Sandilands — Editor of Plane Talking

Ben Sandilands

Editor of Plane Talking

[caption id="attachment_59051" align="aligncenter" width="610"]The cruel sea beneath which the durable wreckage of MH370 lies The cruel sea beneath which the durable wreckage of MH370 lies[/caption] The News organisation definition of 'exclusive' when it comes to MH370 appears to be reporting news that is more than a year old. The Sunday Mail is today reporting an ATSB admission that it may have missed the wreckage of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet during its sea floor search of the south Indian Ocean because of difficult terrain and the need for higher resolution sonar scans. The ATSB announced this on 14 January last year. The issues were also raised in reports in defence intelligence dispatches and in Plane Talking in August and November last year and last week, when further official announcements were made by deputy PM Warren Truss about the deployment of a ship from China equipped with the very deep level capable synthetic aperture imaging sonar. Perhaps for News nothing is exclusive until its gets around to reporting old news and puts it behind a paywall for those it takes for suckers. The Sunday Times story is also illustrated with a map captioned "Suspected plane wreckage found off the coast of southern Thailand may be from MH370." That discovery was promptly found to be unrelated to MH370, and identified as coming from a Japanese satellite launch rocket by major News title The Wall Street Journal and later by other news services who not only have the resources to check the validity of such claims, but use them. This morning's year old rehashing of news that News possibly hopes you may have forgotten about comes hot on the heels of its embarrassing persistence with the conspiracy theories of ex pilot Byron Bailey in relation to the disappearance of MH370 on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on 8 March 2014. Mr Bailey's stories verbal the ATSB led search and attack the body for doing or saying things it hasn't done or said, and repeated as fact false stories spread about the flight climbing to 45,000 feet to asphyxiate its passengers while also misquoting a US expert on the significance of the wing part found on La Reunion Island last July. Which is not to say Mr Bailey's suspicions about other aspects of the flight may be incorrect.  The ATSB was moved to publish a detailed rebuttal of the Bailey nonsense, which contrary to Press Council standards, News has ignored. If you want an antidote to the rubbish News has published on MH370 in recent weeks, that rebuttal can be read in full here.

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8 thoughts on “News goes ga-ga over year old MH370 news

  1. Mayan

    If it is found and it is discovered that it was landed gently and intact, with the entire plane gliding to the sea floor, then whoever was at the controls deserves a (posthumous) medal for their piloting skills. A controlled landing at sea, in an area with heavy swells, of a plane like a 777, with two enormous water scoops (aka engines) hanging down below the level of the bottom of the fuselage, would be quite a feat.

    Or maybe it really was wreckage that was seen by satellite in the week or so after it went missing, in which case heads are going to roll.

  2. Dan Dair

    In the ATSB, the only likely people whose “heads are going to roll”, will be a few ‘office juniors’.
    Just possibly, these unfortunates wouldn’t even have been working for the ATSB when the decision was made to not investigate the satellite seen ‘debris-field’.
    (What is likely to happen in Malaysia, if the depth & extent of the lies & obfuscations of the those in authority is ever made public in their country, is anyone’s guess.?)

    This whole sorry saga is looking more & more like a very, very expensive shambles,
    with nothing to redeem it.?
    I really hope I’m proved wrong…….

  3. Mayan

    Given that the Chinese government has expended real money on the search for the plane with a couple hundred of its citizens on board, and that it is seriously unimpressed with the whole affair, it’s likely that head won’t roll literally, but rather some heads might become the home for Chinese pistol rounds.

  4. Tango

    Why are you going to shoot? you are talking about assassinating Malaysian officials? That really get ugly.

    What Chinese official had anything to do with any of it?

    What they do need to do is have the Malaysian PM for his own benefit pay for the search out of his not a bribe 700 million (the rest to go to getting the Air Force up to snuff with all those fancy aircraft to fly night mission so they can track errant aircraft

  5. Crocodile Chuck

    “(the rest to go to getting the Air Force up to snuff with all those fancy aircraft to fly night mission so they can track errant aircraft” [snip]

    I think the 1st priority is keeping the 3rd shift radar operators in the Malaysian military from falling asleep.

  6. Dan Dair

    There’s the problem with an endemically-corrupt organisation, or in this case, nation’s bureaucracy.

    As soon as you (forcibly) remove one, there’s another little piggy with his snout in the trough, to replace him.

    This is how revolutions are ceded.?
    The great mass of people at the bottom of the pile, finally realise that while they’ve been miserably eeking out a living, those charged with their governance have taken their tax-dollars & aid-dollars & stuck them in their back pockets.

    I’m thinking most particularly of Ferdinand Marcos & Nicolae Ceaușescu in this context, but there are many others.

  7. Simon Gunson

    So in private communications since January 2015 the Australian military have been quietly acknowledging that they missed MH370 which is another way of saying it isn’t there.

    This means these bloody tugboats have been chugging up and down covering the same territory over and over again in vain hope that they missed it last time?

    How pathetic.

    I would just like to ask Martin Dolan just how one gets one of these high paid jobs where one can spout ridiculous advice to the nation for two years, cost the taxpayer $180m and never admit you were at fault?

    What a cushy number. The man is a total goose. I could find a little old lady in a Rest Home, drag her away from her knitting and she would have more clue where to find MH370 than Martin Dolan.

  8. Dan Dair

    Bring on that “little old lady in a Rest Home”.
    I might even vote for her.!!!!!!!!!

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