Mar 2, 2016

Emirates A380 about to take longest flight title

Flightradar24 is showing Emirates flight EK448 nearing the completion (just after 8 am SE Australian time)

Ben Sandilands — Editor of Plane Talking

Ben Sandilands

Editor of Plane Talking

The long, long way from Dubai to Auckland
The long, long way from Dubai to Auckland

Flightradar24 is showing Emirates flight EK448 nearing the completion (just after 8 am SE Australian time) of its record breaking world’s longest current scheduled non-stop flight from Dubai to Auckland.

The A380 involved will take that title off the daily Qantas A380 service between Sydney and Dallas Fort Worth, which at a great circle distance of 13,804 kilometres, is around 400 kms shorter than the new Emirates service to New Zealand.

However Emirates plans to operate the service with smaller Boeing 777-200LRs from tomorrow, at least until the demand on the route exceeds its capacity—which is the fate of many of its services which begin with 777s and grow to A380s.

Auckland-Dubai is too far for its largest 777s, the -300ER model, which has already been replaced by A380s on the Los Angles-Dubai route, another very long distance non-stop route.

Auckland-Dubai will not however come close to being the longest ever scheduled jet service in the world, which was flown by Singapore Airlines Airbus A340-500s between Singapore and Newark (for New York City) between 2004 and 2013, covering 15,350 kms or more depending on whether it flew the route past the north pole or via the north Atlantic.

Singapore Airlines is reinstating that route in 2018 using an ultra long range version of the A350-900.

The graphic above shows how little of the route between the UAE and NZ is actually covered by air traffic control radars.

If you cannot find EK448 (or any similar oceanic flight) when using Flightradar24 because it has landed or is beyond radar cover, select the button to see the flight history and a detailed graphic and parameters will be displayed.

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5 thoughts on “Emirates A380 about to take longest flight title

  1. ghostwhowalksnz

    Would be interesting to see the track for the return flight, as to catch tail winds it will probably fly further north and could even go through the Malacca Straits.
    of course the flightradar 24 computers draw straight lines between its locations where transponder signals are reached on the ground

  2. RogerDty

    Its not radar cover. Its the range of transponders from the aircraft to a ground station.

  3. ghostwhowalksnz

    The return flight went further north passing over Brisbane and just north of Broome and then passing south of Sri Lanka and just recently over the northernmost of the Maldives atolls- it hasnt yet landed.

  4. airliner

    Todays B772 flight followed a similar track from DXB to SW of West Australia but then quite a bit further south across the Bight and Southern Tasmania on to AKL compared to the A380 flight.

    Flightaware shows the A380 flight as 14hrs40mins and distance flown 15,987kms.
    The B772 flight was 15hrs21mins and 15,741kms
    so slightly shorter distance flown but longer flight time.
    (assuming flightaware is accurate)

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