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air crashes

Mar 6, 2016


A third potential piece of wreckage from missing flight MH370 has been recovered on La Reunion island, where the first confirmed fragment, a wing flaperon, was found last July.

The item was also found by Johnny Bègue, who was the foreman of the foreshore cleaning team that came across that component, which was subsequently positively identified as coming from the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER that disappeared on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on 8 March 2014.

The find is reported in the subscription section of the La Reunion news service, Clickanoo and may not be visible in all browser set ups at this link. The thumbnail images of the discovery are shown at the bottom of this post.

Like the second potential discovery of MH370 debris on a Mozambique sandbar last week, the panel shows no obvious signs of marine growth or encrustation.  It does however look as it if is of similar construction, around the damaged edges of the piece.

There is no word as yet as to any formal inspection of the Mozambique find. Australia has announced that the item is being sent to the ATSB for investigation, and Malaysia has announced it is being sent to Malaysia for investigation.

In international accident investigations under ICAO rules the practice is that the unless it agrees otherwise, the country of registration of a crashed aircraft is responsible for an investigation, although in the case of the La Reunion find, which was in a part of France, the flaperon was examined in a defence laboratory in Toulouse at the direction of the public prosecutor’s office.

At the time of the first La Reunion discovery Malaysia’s transport minister, Liow Tiong Lai, announced that in addition to the flaperon, window frames and luggage had been recovered from the same shores. Those claims proved to be hasty and wrong.

These are the thumbnail images of M Bègue’s latest find.

Objet trouvé numéro trois?
Objet trouvé numéro trois?


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8 thoughts on “Third possible piece of MH370 debris recovered on La Reunion

  1. Ron Birch

    Why No Media or any Interest in this new find???

  2. Dan Dair

    have you any inkling as to the nature, extent, or even just plain existence, of any orchestrated plan to review the beaches of the Eastern Indian ocean, to look for debris from MH370.?

  3. Zipper

    Ron.. Because nobody cares anymore, it’s old news, anyway I find it all a bit sus, I reckon it’s been planted there to throw us all off, this piece is pretty clean after floating in the ocean for 2yrs. I want to know what was on the cargo manifest, why hasn’t MH released this information?? If they got nothing to hide then why not tell us? I’m convinced something more sinister has happened to MH370.

  4. Ron Birch


    ‘nobody cares anymore, its old news’

    There is more to it imo..the Mozambique piece has attracted mass media coverage…why not this piece? MH370 – the whole thing is more fishy than fish!…even if these pieces are planted (on the eve of MH370’s dissapearence no less!)..imo they may still be of use…if they are investigated….which makes me wonder as one piece maybe investigated and where this new piece may not at this rate.

  5. Fred


    MH370’s cargo manifest and associated documents were included in the Factual Information report published by the Malaysian Ministry of Transport in March 2015 and updated the following month. I’ll leave others to speculate about the accuracy or completeness of those documents.

  6. Zipper

    Fred.. Well that’s that then, I’ll take what Malaysian has said as gospel, they have a good track record for honesty lol, I just find it incredible that something the size of a 777 has left so little debris, not even a life jacket, pieces of clothing, a seat cover, a kids toy, just something, it would leave a hell of a mess that would wash up somewhere, and I don’t believe for a second they landed it perfectly in the ocean and its sitting on the bottom, chances are if you ditch at sea, unless the water is like glass with little wind, then your screwed..

  7. Fred


    I certainly can’t vouch for the veracity of the cargo manifest and other documents, but the information, such as it is, has been released.

    If these latest two ‘finds’ have come from MH370, then perhaps more debris will wash up in the coming months. Some of the drift analyses predicted that much of the debris from MH370 could be left circulating in the Indian Ocean gyre for several years before being washed up somewhere. The gyre also contains a ‘garbage patch’, where debris could remain indefinitely. The garbage patch was only discovered in 2010 and little is known about its location or movement.

  8. Tango

    Another awfully clean piece of debris for being in the ocean, and a ways away from where the other clean piece was found.

    I am re-assessing the blogger, he may be a chump, I think this is getting into being planted by locals who then took the blogger to exactly where they needed to go and the local “found the piece” if that report is accurate

    And I agree with Fred, its published, go through it, refute it if you have any evidence.

    The problem is when someone lies you don’t know if they are telling the truth from the lies.

    Reality is there is no cargo in the world shipped on an aircraft that would justify a hi-jack.

    I mean really, they would have to be carrying an atomic bomb to Bejing? Seems like Beijing as all the bombs it needs.

    If it was that valuable for whatever reasons then they sure as heck would not move it by commercial aircraft.

    Are we missing a B2 bomber? Can you ship a whole B2 on a 777? I don’t think so.

    Thad missile, right, we are going to send it thorough a corrupt commercial system.

    that’s purely silly. Too many techo thrillers.


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