Swiss CSeries 100. A dream jet come true?
Swiss CSeries 100. A dream jet come true?

It is a taboo topic, but it involves a fundamental issue of passenger health and hygiene. Most airliners today are being fitted with toilets so small many passengers can’t wipe their bums.

The aviation media is full of fawning stories about how wonderful it is that toilets are being made ‘more efficient’ in in order to fit in more seats. They are a disgraceful example of the media losing sight of matters that underpin public as well as personal health, particularly inside the confines of an airliner cabin.

However there is some good news, as reported and illustrated by John Walton and the Runway Girl Network on the launching by Swiss of the first passenger flights by the Canadian regional jet, the Bombardier CSeries 100.

C clearly stands for civilised, even where it is spelled with the ‘z’. The photos below of the two lavs on the Swizz CS100 were separately tweeted by the reporter.

CSeries lavs by @thatjohn

Several other things stand out, and could make the idea of an Australian carrier using the CSeries family for Canberra and regional flights in the coming decade a highly attractive if possibly unrealistic prospect.

(Currently flown but aging 717s and F100s would have to start falling apart even parked at the gates before Qantas or Virgin are likely to think of ordering replacements.)

Swiss has used the nominally hideous 30 inches or 76.2 cms seat pitch beloved by its owner Lufthansa for European flights but with a new slimline seat that even Mr Walton liked, well almost, and if he liked it, it would have to be incredibly good, as he seldom likes anything.

So in the CSeries jets, we have cabins that the meanest of airline bean counters, and the most critical of passengers, could both like. This is so unusual that the new tech Canadian jet ought to be on everyone’s wish list.

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