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Dec 19, 2016

MH370 sleuth exposed as fool when tide goes out on claimed wreckage location

An American ship tracker Mike Chillit who said satellite images showed possible MH370 wreckage has been accused of plagiarism of research which also led him to make easily disproved claims

Ben Sandilands — Editor of Plane Talking

Ben Sandilands

Editor of Plane Talking

Not MH370 on the St Brandon Islands shoals
Not MH370 on the St Brandon Islands shoals

For a self proclaimed expert in maritime research who claimed to have detected the possible wreckage of MH370 in satellite images of an archipelago near Mauritius, Mike Chillit should have paid more attention to such fundamentals as the rise and fall of tides.

And intellectual property.

Overnight, the water has literally gone out from under him for the most basic of errors, as his claims, lapped up by an incautious media, have been revealed to be parts of well known shipwrecks on the St Brandon Islands, also known as the Cargados Carajos shoals, which have been settled for decades, if not centuries.

The MH370 sleuth, who has presented himself as a ship tracker Mike Chillit based in New Jersey, has also been charged with plagiarism by Richard Godfrey, a member of the IG or Independent Group of scientists, in this paper posted on the archive site of IG member Duncan Steel, which has been widely circulated by a third member Victor Iannello.

In short, the IG appears to be very interested in Mr Chillit doing the decent thing, and admitting he used other people’s work, and then screwed it up anyhow. The evidence assembled by Mr Godfrey is devastating to Mr Chillit’s credibility.

Mr Chillit, in turn, has been one of those possibly under qualified, but demonstrably vociferous critics of the work of the ATSB led search for the sunk wreckage of MH370, and has even recently accused The Guardian news site of plagiarising his work.

Mr Chillit needs to sort this out, and perhaps extend his apologies to those next of kin and other affected parties who may have been misled by the various positions he has taken in recent times.

No doubt he would agree that the MH370 mystery is overpopulated by loud mouthed rent seekers who have no real idea what they are talking about.

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3 thoughts on “MH370 sleuth exposed as fool when tide goes out on claimed wreckage location

  1. comet

    “loud mouthed rent seekers who have no real idea what they are talking about.”

    These people can easily gain employment as MH370 sleuths, or writing false blogs about MH370 and collecting advertising revenue.

    If they are extra nutty and also climate change deniers they should be able to find work with One Nation.

  2. TomTom

    Another post crying out for a “Ha Ha” button. This MH 370 tragedy has turned into one of those WWE wrestling brawls where everybody jumps into the ring and is smashing chairs over each other’s head – and they’re all the bad guys.

  3. Mikal aka The Chaotic Cat

    THIS is the reason I do NOT discuss my work, nor have for a long time. DMCA Violations & Theft by Mike Chillit & others. None of the named people have any idea what they are doing. In fact, ATSB confirmed to me in writing and verbal communications that they do not pay attention to any of those fruit cakes. Although Victor and Richard along Duncan have the knowledge to understand the problems at hand, the fact remains they do not understand THIS actual problem nor have from the outset. The work has been manipulated beyond the definition of insanity being redundant and fails the truth in the proof at all levels. Take care Ben. Good Article. More people should crack down on these obvious DMCA Violations. Tweets alone are protected under DMCA and many have suffered judgments against them in court over a single tweet.

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