Charles Frydrych's study of a sheltered summer river scene

If you were to go fishing or camping say 20 kilometres to one side of the Sydney-Melbourne flight corridors in the Monaro High Plains these paintings capture the clear light and tranquillity of the Australian countryside south of Canberra and into the state of Victoria.

Here’s wishing those who take a break at this time of the year such calmness and peace as seen in Charles Frydrych’s sheltered river scene (above). It might reach 39C out in the open but ribbons of gum trees following the watercourses can keep temperatures in the mid 20s.

From the Monaro high plains not too far from this reporter’s home the outliers of the Snowy Mountains will show themselves, as in the Leonard Hugh Long painting (below) as blue hills during the hot summer months.  You can trail ride this landscape for hours and never encounter holiday road traffic or even hear the sound of one of the busier jet routes in the world.

It’s a fine place for a break, but Plane Talking will be open for news, and conversations, as events might require until the great southern land goes back to work in the middle of January.

Wishing All a much better 2017 than many expect. Whatever happens, no-one is going to die of boredom.


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