Hey Dad, look at that! From NZ’s Stuff site.

A nose wheel failure that caused a Singapore Airlines A380 to abort a takeoff at Auckland yesterday gave Sunday drivers in the south of the north island a surprise when that incident caused an inbound Emirates A380 to be diverted to the Ohakea air force base.

New Zealand news site Stuff is carrying a detailed report and reader photos and videos from inside and outside the Singapore Airlines A380, as well as the Emirates jet dropping in on drivers passing the Ohakea facility, which was later treated to the sight of the world’s largest jet airliner taking off for the short hop to Auckland.

To top this spectacle Australia clearly needs an A380 to be diverted to the Richmond air force base in the NW corner of Sydney’s metropolitan sprawl. Richmond has been visited by a 777-200 (carrying the Pope) and a Qantas A330-300 last year during weather related congestion at Sydney Airport.

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