Jan 30, 2017

Emirates had an A380 surprise for small town NZ yesterday

Sunday drivers had a big surprise near Ohakea air force base in New Zealand after an A380 problem at Auckland airport

Ben Sandilands — Editor of Plane Talking

Ben Sandilands

Editor of Plane Talking

Hey Dad, look at that! From NZ’s Stuff site.

A nose wheel failure that caused a Singapore Airlines A380 to abort a takeoff at Auckland yesterday gave Sunday drivers in the south of the north island a surprise when that incident caused an inbound Emirates A380 to be diverted to the Ohakea air force base.

New Zealand news site Stuff is carrying a detailed report and reader photos and videos from inside and outside the Singapore Airlines A380, as well as the Emirates jet dropping in on drivers passing the Ohakea facility, which was later treated to the sight of the world’s largest jet airliner taking off for the short hop to Auckland.

To top this spectacle Australia clearly needs an A380 to be diverted to the Richmond air force base in the NW corner of Sydney’s metropolitan sprawl. Richmond has been visited by a 777-200 (carrying the Pope) and a Qantas A330-300 last year during weather related congestion at Sydney Airport.

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3 thoughts on “Emirates had an A380 surprise for small town NZ yesterday

  1. Ken Borough


    It pays to have a good memory with matters aviation! (not to be taken as criticism…)

    The B777 isn’t the largest civilian aircraft to have landed at RAAF Richmond. At the Bicentennial Airshaw in 1988, Qantas displayed a B747-300. It ferried from Mascot, sat on the apron all day and actually did a flying display. It was not calamitous!

    1. Ben Sandilands

      While I don’t have a clear recollection of the 747-300 being there, I’m sure you are right. My sharpest memory of the first day of the Bicentennial Show was the flying display by the then comparatively young Antonov 124, which had only been in service in the dying years of the USSR since 1986. That display was so awesome the show management banned a follow up demo. I wasn’t the only reporter present who wondered whether the Antonov was going to recover from some of its low passes and steep climbs, and I did have a flashback there to Le Bourget 1973 when I was working in Paris for the ABC and covered as an eye witness the disastrous crash of the Tu-144 supersonic airliner, in the middle of a flying display duel with Concorde.


  2. errolwi

    Speaking of An-124, I would have been more impressed if I’d seen one of the ones that delivered NH-90s to Ohakea – they had to rearrange some of the airfield infrastructure to allow it.
    Nice history of large types at Ohakea:

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