This 3 year old ABC TV graphic is the best done of the moment Pel-Air went down

The much delayed second final investigative report by the ATSB on the Pel-Air medi-vac  flight’s ditching near Norfolk Island in 2009 is now expected to land next month.

The air crash investigator has posted this note on its Pel-Air pages:

During the normal internal investigation review process, the investigation team identified the need to obtain additional information from some organisations in order to clarify various matters. In addition, significant time was allocated to refining analyses of flight recorder data and the aircraft’s fuel status during the accident flight. These activities have delayed the finalisation of the draft report.

It is now expected that the draft report will be provided to the Commission for their consideration and approval in March 2017.

The ATSB’s next update will advise when the draft is released to directly involved parties.

Thanks to reader Jaeger for picking this up.

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