The enormity of the task hits home at DFO after the flames are put out.

Updated *

The Crikey Insider subscriber bulletin just out looks at the stupidity of land use and airport safety policy settings that have undermined public safety near Melbourne’s twin airports in the aftermath of yesterday’s DFO Essendon shopping centre crash of a high performance twin engined turboprop aircraft.

Fellow Crikey writer Alan Davies also takes a forensic look at the Essendon airport land use issues in The Urbanist.

And at the crash site ATSB investigators continue to examine the shattered and badly burned wreckage and hope to find the cockpit voice recorder which was a mandatory equipment requirement of the Raytheon B200 that had barely become airborne with the pilot and four US golfers bound for King Island when disaster struck, killing them all.

There is a risk that despite the design of the CVR that it may have been destroyed or damaged beyond usefulness by the intense fire that took hold after impact.

* Thursday February 23 The CVR has now been found and is being sent to Canberra to be examined and if possible, downloaded.

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